It’s the biggest day of the year for tech announcements, with Apple’s regular September event where they unveil the new iPhones, and anything else. It’s already come and went, but here’s how to watch, and what you missed.

Unlike last year, when the entire event was leaked ahead of time, this year we don’t know too much. There will be new iPhone models similar to the iPhone X, and a new Apple Watch with a bigger face, but a lot of other things are still up in the air.

Update: The event is already over, but you can easily watch it if you missed it the same way mentioned below.

When Is the Announcement and Where Do I Watch It?

The announcement is at 10AM PDT / 1PM EST, and as usual, it’s held at some place that neither of us will ever be invited to. But luckily you can watch it in a variety of ways, and they keep adding more ways to watch it as time goes on.

The event is going to take around 2 hours, and you don’t really know until the end whether they will announce something big at the end. So you’re stuck watching the whole thing. Or… you can just wait and read our coverage later.

Live Streaming via the Web

Just open your browser and head to or click on the link below—in the past it required using an Apple product, but now they’ve opened it up to any modern browser.

Live Streaming via the Apple TV App

If you’ve got an Apple TV, you can install the Apple Events app, which lets you watch everything easily. Note that you’ll need a more recent Apple TV for this app to actually work.

Live Streaming via Twitter for Some Reason

Why anybody would want to watch a 2 hour presentation on Twitter is beyond us, but you can do it this year. Note that the time in the tweet is meant for people in the UK.

What Should We Expect? New iPhones, of Course

Update: we’ve detailed everything about the new iPhones over at Review Geek.

The main thing that you should expect is new iPhones. The really great Apple site 9to5Mac detailed what’s coming based on new leaks found in Apple’s sitemap files.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

The XS and XS Max will essentially be new versions of the OLED iPhone X to replace the standard iPhone 8 and 8 Plus—the screen on the XS Max is likely to be enormous at 6.5″ with an edge-to-edge display, and the regular XS will be 5.8″. It should come in white, black, and gold, and it’ll have a 512 GB storage option, which will likely cost a lot of money.

The iPhone XR appears to be a 6.1″ iPhone with an LCD screen that comes in black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue colors.

Also, a New Apple Watch

Update: You can read more about the new Apple Watches in our feature over on Review Geek.

Again, thanks to 9to5Mac, we know that there will be new Apple Watches that come in slightly larger screen sizes – 40mm and 44mm instead of 39mm and 42mm. The new devices appear to be thinner, with a display that reaches much closer to the edge, and potentially has rounded corners.

The new Watch face seen in the screenshot packs a ton of information into a tiny display, which is pretty impressive.

Other Stuff that Might Not Happen

Update: Yeah, none of this happened. Maybe in October.

There are a ton of other things that may or may not happen, and we’ll know in a few hours.

  • New MacBooks or MacBook Airs – this has been rumored for basically years, but we have no idea if we’re going to see new devices or whether they will have a separate announcement in October.
  • New Mac Minis or Mac Pros – both devices are so out of date at this point they are laughable, but it’s still pretty unlikely that we see an update.
  • AirPower Wireless Charging Mat – this was announced quite a while ago, and should have launched in the spring. It’s possible that it launches today, but still a complete unknown.
  • New AirPods with Wireless Charging – assuming the AirPower mat launches, they might also announce a wireless charging case, but that’s also up in the air. Rumors also indicate the new version might include always-on “Hey Siri” instead of having to tap.

One More Thing? Whatever happens, we’re going to be spending a lot of money.

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