Skype now lets you record calls with no additional software. Microsoft’s new call-recording feature works for both audio and video calls, and even records shared screens in video calls. Skype notifies everyone on the call that it’s being recorded.

How to Record a Voice or Video Call

You can start recording while on a call. On the desktop version of Skype for Windows or Mac, click the “+” button at the bottom right corner of the call window and then click “Start Recording.”

If you don’t see this option, you might need to update your Skype client or wait a bit. The feature is available today for most platforms but will arrive for the modern Skype app for Windows 10 sometime later in September 2018.

On mobile, it works the same way. Tap the “+” button at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Start Recording.”

You’ll see a banner at the top of the screen, informing everyone on the call they’re being recorded. The banner also recommends verbally telling people about the recording, just for legal reasons.

Some US states are “one-party consent” states, which means only one person on the call (you) has to know the recording is happening. Other states are “two-party consent” states, which means everyone on the call needs to know it’s being recorded.

Other people on the call will see a banner saying that you, specifically, are recording the call.

Your call recording happens “in the cloud” and is stored on Skype’s servers. It appears in your Skype chat after finishing the call, and everyone on the call can view, save, or share it. The recording is only available for 30 days and is removed from Skype’s servers after that.

How to Save Your Call Recording

While the recording is only available on Skype’s servers for 30 days, you can download it and keep it for as long as you want. Skype downloads recordings as MP4 files.

In Skype for desktop, hover over the video in the chat and then click the “More options” menu button to the right of the thumbnail. Click “Save As” to download it to a location of your choice on your computer.

In Skype for Android, iPhone, or iPad, long-press the call recording in your chat. Tap “Save” when the menu appears to save a copy of the video to your device.

You can also share the call recording with other Skype users by forwarding it. Just click or tap the “Forward” option in the menu on desktop or mobile.

To record a call without anyone else on it knowing, you’ll still need third-party software that can either capture your computer’s audio or record its screen. Note that this may be illegal depending on where you and the other person are located. For example, if you’re in a one-party consent state but the other person is in a two-party consent state, you can’t legally record them without their knowledge. Other countries have different laws on recording calls.

We’re not lawyers, so don’t rely on us for legal advice. Consult an attorney instead. We’re just trying to provide some warning about the laws, which are easy to violate with a few clicks.

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