Discord has an extensive API and good support for bots on their platform. Because of this, there are tons of bots to go around. However, many of them just copy one another’s functionality. We’ve picked out the ones that do it right, and compiled them here.

Moderation Bots

Moderation bots aim to help make managing your community a little bit easier, often automating tasks like banning problem users, filtering spam and explicit content, and enforcing your rules.


MEE6 does a lot of things besides just moderation, but it has a very useful automatic spam filter and automoderator. You can enable this in the “Moderators” section of their online dashboard, where you can turn off things such as annoying caps and emoji spam, links to other servers, external links, and mass mentions.

With no commands to configure and an intuitive web interface, MEE6 is one of the best moderation bots on the list.


Dyno packs a ton of commands into one bot, such as the ability to mute, kick, and ban users from the chat itself. One useful feature is the “softban,” which will ban and then unban a user to delete all their messages.


Gaius is a little more complicated than some other bots on this list but is pretty powerful for it. One useful feature is server-wide slowmode, which is similar to Twitch’s slowmode. You can also create custom filters for the automoderator, and it has its own role system on top of Discord’s.


Integrations link with external services and connect them to your server. Here are our favorites.


TwitchBot is a fully featured Twitch integration bot. It lets you set notifications for streamers, browse twitch and view stats, and even listen to streams in Discord voice chat.


MedalBot offers integration with medal.tv, a game clip sharing site. You can use the bot to send your clips to Discord automatically.


Patreon has their own bot that automatically gives out roles to your patrons. You can add it from your settings on the site by clicking “Connect to Discord.”

Utility Bots

Utility bots don’t fit into the other categories but are useful in their own right.


With 260+ commands, Equalizer can do quite a bit—server configuration, image effects, temporary voice channels, even sending you random memes. It’s also got an option to add custom commands to expand its feature set.


Translator is a useful bot for multilingual Discords. It uses the Google Translate API to allow you to communicate with everyone. You can even set it to automatically translate a user’s messages, though to reply you’ll have to translate manually again.


DonateBot is pretty simple: it lets people pay for roles in Discord, directly into your PayPal account. It’s great for one time payments for which Patreon wouldn’t be ideal.

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