Use Android P’s New App Switching Gesture: Swipe Right on Home

Android P offers a new (optional) navigation system: gestures. The traditional Back-Home-Recents button pattern has been replaced with a  single pill-shaped button—so how to do you quickly switch between the two most recently running apps?

While double-tapping the Recents button has long been one of the more useful gestures in modern versions of Android, the new gesture is lighting fast. Here’s the skinny.

Note: You’ll need the new gesture feature enabled in Android P for this to work. You can find it in Settings > System > Gestures.

The gesture itself is ultra simple: quickly swipe right on the home button to bring up the previously-used app. Then do it again to switch back. It’s so simple, so intuitive, and so fast. In other words: it’s so good. Here it is in action, because visuals rock:

Look at that hotness.

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