Microsoft decided to pin the Microsoft Store icon directly to the Taskbar in Windows 10, because they really really really want you to use it. But we don’t want to. So here’s how to unpin the Windows Store from the Taskbar. (It’s easy).

When you first switch to Windows 10, it becomes very obvious how desperate Microsoft is to get you to use the Windows App Store, also called the Microsoft Store—they are even willing to stick ads everywhere in the operating system. But when the best new thing in the Store is iTunes, you’re probably not going to convince anybody.

So it’s settled. The Store must go away. And now, we will unpin it from the Taskbar. Luckily that’s incredibly easy, because you can unpin the Store from the Taskbar by simply right-clicking it and selecting “Unpin from taskbar”.

For bonus points, you can also unpin the Microsoft Store from the Start Menu by right-clicking there, and selecting “Unpin from Start”. This right-clicking thing is great, isn’t it?

Now that you’re all excited about removing all the built-in nonsense in Windows 10, why don’t you try getting rid of all the garbage apps that Microsoft bundled?

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