Organizing files can be very time consuming, and moving files between folders often requires a lot of mouse clicks between one file directories to another. Here’s how to use FileMenu to do these tasks more efficiently.

FileMenu is a free plugin for Windows Explorer, and it should work for either 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows.

Move Multiple Files with a Single Click

Some of us like to create what we call a “Dump Folder”; this is a folder where we dump files that we don’t really know where to put. A good example of this kind of folder is our Firefox Downloads folder where Firefox automatically dumps any downloads from the Internet.

This is what our downloads folder looks like after hours of gathering resources online for developing our articles—we’re only showing you a snippet of the entire 100+ files in the folder. You can imagine the nightmare of looking for information in this pile of files with no recognizable file classification system known to man.

The usual way of opening multiple windows, creating multiple folders to sort out this mess just doesn’t cut it sometimes. It takes too much time and becomes a deterrent for us to organize our files. FileMenu adds useful features to our right-click context menu to make it easier for us to move files around.

We can access our Windows folder directory straight from FileMenu when want to move files around.

The file filter is a really useful tool when we want to move a group of files to a particular folder. The filter syntax is pretty straight forward. For instance this filter “*Kodu*” will move any files with the word “Kodu” in its file name into any folder that we specify in FileMenu.

FileMenu also gives an option to “Undo Move” in case we accidentally move our files to the wrong location.

Manipulating File Names

The files in our dump folder do not exactly have a helpful name for us to look for information.Before we use FileMenu, we have to go through a tedious process of renaming each file name one by one.

FileMenu gives us a better way to rename our files.

FileMenu’s “Advance Renamer” function allows us to rename multiple files with a single click. For example here, we are appending “Kodu Article” for our Kodu Article resources.

Other Useful Applications

Moving and renaming files are only some of the things that we can do with FileMenu. We can split large files into smaller files or delete old files that we no longer need.

FileMenu gives us way to delete multiple files easily. For example, we can delete every files that has the word encrypt using a simple filter “*encrypt*” in its file name.

FileMenu has a lot more tools that we didn’t mention—if there’s any features you find particularly useful, be sure and share them in the comments.