Ubuntu 18.04 LTS features a new set of shiny color emoji. If you don’t want to see emoji in messaging apps, on the web, and elsewhere, you can remove them from your system.

To open the emoji panel on Ubuntu 18.04, press Ctrl+. or Ctrl+; in almost any app. The included emoji are based on Google’s Noto Color Emoji font, which is used on Android devices like Google’s own Pixel phones.

You can uninstall theĀ  fonts-noto-color-emoji package with a single command, if you like. To get started, open a Terminal window. Click the “Activities” link at the top left corner of your screen, type “terminal” into the search box, and then press Enter or click the “Terminal” shortcut to launch it.

Type the following command into the terminal window, and then press Enter to uninstall the package:

sudo apt remove fonts-noto-color-emoji

You’ll have to type your user account’s password, and then enter “y” to confirm the change when prompted.

After you uninstall the emoji font, you can press Ctrl+. or Ctrl+; to open the emoji panel and you’ll see the simple set of black-and-white emoji included with previous versions of Ubuntu. These are part of the standard Ubuntu system font.

If you decide you want those fancy color emoji back, just open a Terminal window and run the following command to reinstall the package:

sudo apt install fonts-noto-color-emoji