Lutron’s Caseta dimmer switches are great, but if you’re having some issues with your lights flickering or turning off prematurely, you can adjust the dimming levels to eliminate these issues.

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The Caseta switches let you adjust the low-end and high-end “trim” levels, which is just a fancy term for optimizing the dimming levels on the light switch. So, for example, if your lights start to flicker a little when you dim them down past 10% or so, you can adjust the trim so that 10% is the lowest it goes, thus eliminating the flicker.

You may also run into situations where your lights turn off completely when you dim them down all the way, or the brightest setting may just be way too bright for your needs. You can adjust for those problems, too! Let’s get started.

First Off, Make Sure You’re Using Compatible Bulbs

Before you blame the issue on the light switch itself, make sure that your light bulbs are actually compatible with the Lutron Caseta switches.

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You can take a look at Lutron’s compatibility tool to search for light bulbs that work with your light switch, but the most common mistake people make is using non-dimmable bulbs with their dimmer switches. A lot of cheaper LED bulbs aren’t dimmable, so it’s always a good idea to look on the bulb’s packaging to make sure that it can be used with a dimmer switch.

Other than that, though, as long as the bulb is dimmable, it should work just fine. However, there’s always the possibility of the bulb not fully cooperating. That’s when you want to adjust the trim levels.

Adjusting the Low-End and High-End Trims

To adjust the low-end trim (i.e., how dim the lights can get), press down and hold the On and Down buttons at the same time for around six seconds.

The small green LED light should begin flashing.

Press the Down button until the lights are as dim as possible (they might turn off completely, which is normal). Keep pressing the Down button just to confirm that the dimmer switch is as dim as possible.

Next, slowly press the Up button to brighten the lights. Once any flickering stops or the bulb is at a stable dim setting that you’re happy with, press and hold the Off button until the small flashing LED light on the switch turns off.

That’s all there is to it! Repeat the above steps for the high-end trim, but simply reversing the Up and Down buttons.

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