A former Netflix employee may frustrate you by telling CNBC that Netflix’s DVD business would disappear after 2025. But the guys at Digiarty Software, one of the leading multimedia software companies specialized in personal video audio entertainment, just advise you to live in the present and brace you up with a new DVD ripper software update.

Digiarty has always concentrated its efforts on what DVD hoarders care most, balancing well with speedy operation and trustworthy output quality. That’s why WinX DVD Ripper becomes a five-star product, helping DVD collectors back up millions of DVDs successfully since 2006.

One year ago, it experienced a major upgrade to support CPU (Intel Quick Sync Video) & GPU (Nvidia CUDA/NVENC) hardware acceleration, boosting DVD conversion up to 32x real time faster. Good news here again! New-born WinX DVD Ripper V8.8.0 pushed the boundary of traditional hardware acceleration and becomes the first also the only one embracing “level-3 hardware acceleration” (3 levels would be explained later).

By offloading the whole software processing to hardware decoder and encoder, it reaches a revolutionary and matchless speed. With this tier-one aide, you can transfer any classic or new discs to 350+ profiles (MP4, H.264, AVI, WMV, iPhone, Samsung included) or 1:1 back them up to NAS home theater in a flash.

Read why you need a hardware accelerated DVD ripper to handle disc to digital copy conversion.

Software Giveaway to Obtain Full License                             

Digiarty’s Easter giveaway is going on like a raging fire now. When you celebrate the holiday with your family, don’t forget to join the offer before Apr.4th to prey on free version of newly enhanced WinX DVD Ripper V8.8.0 with all features open.

But the giveaway version falls outside of lifetime free upgrade. If you’d like to own this tech savvy ripper with free update service, you might purchase it right on the Easter giveaway page with free lifelong tech support and 30-day money back guarantee. Get DVD/Video Easter holiday sales to save 65% off.

Three points you’ll benefit from this hardware-accelerated DVD Ripper

  1. As the name implies, hardware acceleration brings about increasing in DVD ripping speed. Don’t doubt about this. Because hardware rendering, either by general-purpose processor or more specialized graphics card, has the performance advantage over software since computer was invented.
  2. Any other benefits still? Of course there are. For one thing, hardware-accelerated DVD ripper reduces CPU usage and battery drain, helping protect computer hardware and prolong the life of computer.
  3. For another, once DVD ripper software consumes the minimum CPU, you are free to anything else smoothly like watching videos, playing games, or doing working businesses. You have to note that those who eat CPU up to 80%-90% during transcoding process are de facto fake hardware-accelerated rippers.

More about 3 Levels of Hardware Accelerations

Some of you must be confused about level-3 hardware acceleration mentioned above. Let’s firstly take a look at 3 procedures of a DVD to video journey: disc decoding (step 1) -> video content processing (step2) -> video encoding (step 3). Hardware acceleration usage on software classifies them into 3 levels:

Level-1 hardware-accelerated DVD ripper only makes use of hardware encoder to cut down processing time.

Level-2 ripper cooperates with both hardware decoder and encoder to save more time.

Level-3 one passes all DVD video decoding, processing and encoding tasks to hardware to attain the maximum speed.

There’s no hierarchy at all before the advent of WinX DVD Ripper v8.8.0, because all DVD rippers with hardware acceleration support can only utilize hardware encoder. While WinX skips one hardware acceleration level, moving up to level-3 through innovative new algorithm code. Compared to level-1 hardware-accelerated DVD ripper, level-3 ripper enables at least 50% speed up. Surely it varies from your hardware performance, especially the GPU.

You’re Worth This Expert DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper V8.8.0 is a well-rounded program with unmatched DVD transferring speed and perfect balance between video quality and size by employing the most cutting edge hardware accelerator, Super Encode Engine based on processor’s MMX- SSE & 3DNow! and Hyper-threading tech. To save your time, you’re suggested to follow the default settings specified by professional software engineer. And the last word for caution, you should check the DVD copyright laws in your countries before ripping commercial DVDs.