Capturing your phone’s screen is useful in many situations. If you’re a Pixel user, you can do it with a couple of button clicks.

How to Take a Screenshot

With the phone in your hand, you’re going to press two hardware buttons at the same time: Power and Volume Down. Hold these two buttons down for about half a second.

When the screenshot is taken, it briefly shows up as a preview overlay on top of your screen, and then disappears.

Boom—your screenshot has been saved.

Where to Find Your Screenshots

By default, your screenshots are saved to a dedicated Screenshots folder within the Pictures folder, but there are a couple of different ways to access it.

If you just took the screenshot, swipe down on the notification shade, and you’ll see a notification that allows you to share or delete your screenshot immediately. You can also tap the notification to open the screenshot.

Note: if you have multiple apps that can open images, the app picker will show up here. Just choose the app you’d normally use to look at pictures.

You also can access all of your screenshots within the Photos app. Swipe in from the left side to show the menu, and then choose the “Device Folders” option.

Tap the “Screenshots” folder.

And there you go—every screenshot you’ve ever taken.

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