A PC is like a work desk. If you use it regularly, it gets piled up with unnecessary programs, files, documents, and folders. But unlike a work desk, it takes more time to put a PC back to order. Indeed, sometimes deleting old files and program shortcuts may be enough, but the programs on your PC require some attention too. In particular, consider uninstalling software you no longer use.

Why is it important?

You may think, that unnecessary software doesn’t take much space, so you can just let it be. Here are the reasons why program uninstallation is absolutely crucial.

Security protection. Outdated programs can be a real trouble. Did you know that using up-to-date programs decreases the risk of malware attacks by 70%? That’s why removing old programs is crucial for system security. For example, when Apple stopped updating QuickTime for Windows, numerous vulnerability and security issues were reported. Windows users were strongly recommended to uninstall the player.

Freezes and crashes prevention. Unnecessary programs may cause software conflicts and system crashes. For example, you installed several programs with the same functionality to find the most suitable one. After you make your choice, others remain on your PC. These programs compete over the same resources, which may cause system freezes. Removing the programs you don’t intend to use is the right solution.

Decluttering a hard drive. If your hard drive is stuffed with redundant items, it may result in poor PC performance. Do you really want to see that annoying spinning circle again? If not, you should keep your hard drive clean.

In general, using the right tools and getting rid of junk keeps your PC productivity on a high level and saves you much time.

Ways to organize your PC with CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller


CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller is a tool that makes program removal on Windows more effective. Here are the ways you can use it to organize your PC and keep it clean for a long time:

  • Uninstall multiple programs at once

The process of manual program removal is quite daunting, because Windows default uninstallation tool allows you to remove only one program at a time. However, with CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller you can choose several programs and uninstall them simultaneously.

  • Check your apps once in a while

Do you remember all programs installed on your PC? Probably not, why keep that in mind. Moreover, some sneaky programs may be installed on your PC automatically as they are bundled with other software. CleanMyPC allows you to keep track of programs installed on your PC. Just launch Multi Uninstaller to see a list of programs, their installation date and occupied space.

  • Clean up program leftovers

Imagine slipping on a banana peel. This little piece of junk is not worth your attention until it causes sudden falling. The same with program leftovers. You may think they are not important, however removing them will help you avoid multiple issues. After each uninstallation, CleanMyPC Uninstaller scans for program remnants and cleans them from your PC.

  • Always remove broken programs

Sometimes programs may crash, leaving you no chance to start a regular uninstallation process. CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller has a special treatment for broken programs. It detects all items related to such program and cleans them up.

  • Uninstall Microsoft Store apps you don’t use

Windows doesn’t allow regular uninstallation of some built-in apps. If you want to remove them, you need to use a complicated PowerShell method. CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller allows you to remove Microsoft store programs with no effort. Such programs do not require leftover cleanup, so removal of built-in programs takes even less time than removal of other programs.

  • Get rid of the manufacturer’s junk

A lot of laptops are sold with pre-installed third-party programs. Chances are, you have no intention to use them at all. So, you can just scan a list of currently installed programs and remove those you haven’t actually installed.

The last but not the least is that CleanMyPC is a smart tool that guarantees safe uninstallation, so you don’t have to worry about any risks for the system functionality.

As you can see, uninstallation can help you solve a lot of PC issues and keep it organized. Meanwhile, CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller can make program removal maximum effective. Why not try it right now?