The dock on your iPhone only gives you space for four icons (eight on an iPad), and most people keep just their favorite apps there. But did you know you can stick app folders on the dock, too? Here’s how.

To create a folder on iOS, tap and hold one app icon (being careful not to press hard enough to activate 3D Touch). When the icon starts to wiggle, drag it on top of another app icon and let go. This creates a folder that you then can add more apps to in the same way.

The trouble is, you can’t create a folder directly on the dock. If you try to drag an app icon onto one that’s already on the dock, the first icon just gets sent back to its original spot.

Instead, you have to create a folder first, and then drag the folder to the dock. You also have to have an empty space already on the dock. You can’t drag a folder to replace an icon already on the dock.

It’s a slightly roundabout way, but it works perfectly.

This trick has actually been around for several versions of iOS, but it surprised us how few people we talked to knew about it. Adding folders to the dock lets you put more of your favorite apps front and center—a boon if you use multiple pages on your home screen.

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