You know you can use AirDrop to quickly share files between Macs and iOS devices, but on the Mac, Airdrop is kind of hidden. There’s an icon in the sidebar of the Finder, and that’s it.

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If you want AirDrop to be a little more prominent, you can add an icon for it to your Dock, but it takes a little bit of work. First open the Finder, then click Go > Go To Folder in the menu bar.

The folder you want is /System/Library/CoreServices/, so go ahead and paste that. Next, hit Enter or click Go.

We’re actually looking inside here, since Apple is apparently storing apps inside apps (Inception sound.) These “apps” are basically Finder features, all of which are normally found in the Finder sidebar.

The one we care about is AirDrop, but you could create dock icons for any of them if you really wanted. For now, go ahead and drag the AirDrop “app” to your Dock.

Just like that, you’ve got an icon for AirDrop on your dock. Click it, and a Finder window will open to the AirDrop interface.

You can now drag any file here to share it with nearby Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. If you want to share with Android devices you can’t use AirDrop, sadly, but you can set up Bluetooth file sharing between Android and macOS instead.

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