The Amazon Echo can be used as an alarm clock, but you may not have known that you can set up repeating alarms so that you don’t have to keep telling Alexa every night when to wake you up.

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An easy way to do this is by telling Alexa something like, “Wake me up every weekday at 7:30am” on the Echo that you want the alarm to go off from. You can also make changes to an alarm that you set up in the past.

To do this, open up the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Next, select “Reminders & Alarms”.

At the top, tap on the downward-facing arrow and select the Echo that you set the alarm on (in my case, the Bedroom echo). Hit “Done” when you select it (on Android you can just select an Echo device and it will automatically close out of the selection screen).


After that, tap on the “Alarms” tab.

The alarm that you set with Alexa will show up in this list. Go ahead and tap on it.

From here, you can change a few things, like the alarm time itself, the alarm sound to be used, and even deleting the alarm. However, we’ll be setting up the alarm to repeat automatically. So tap on where it says “Never Repeat”.

You can have the alarm go off either every day, only on weekdays, only on weekends, or only on a specific day of the week. Hit “Done” when you select an option (again, on Android you won’t have to hit “Done”).

After that, tap on “Save Changes”.

You’re all set! The alarm time will now be accompanied with the repeat setting that you selected.

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