Tired of the same old desktop wallpapers and wishing for something more artistic to suit your mood? Now you can enjoy turning your favorite wallpapers and pictures into works of art with FotoSketcher.

A Look at FotoSketcher

Installation is simple and you can have FotoSketcher up and running very quickly. When you open FotoSketcher each time, you will see the following pair of pictures displayed as examples. Getting started is as simple as clicking on the Folder Icon or using the File Menu.

Note: There is also a portable version of this software available!

Here is a look at the menu setup for FotoSketcher. Nice and straightforward to help you “recreate” your desktop!

Converting Wallpapers and Pictures

When you open a wallpaper or picture in FotoSketcher, this window will appear allowing you to choose the style that you would like to convert to. Notice that there are also options regarding edge softening, frames, variations for texture, and adding text (very nice!). Simply select the style that best suits your mood and have fun watching your new photo being created!

Note: At the moment FotoSketcher only works with .jpg, .jpeg, and .bmp files.

Drawing Style Examples

Curious about what your pictures could look like? Here are some examples we created using FotoSketcher.

Painting 5 (Water Color)

Painting 6 (Oil Painting)

Pencil Sketch 3 (Color)

Pen & Ink Sketch 1

Frame, Texture and Text Only


You will certainly be able to add some fresh variety to your desktop with FotoSketcher, so have fun and explore the possibilities!


Download FotoSketcher (version 3.2) – Exe Install File & Portable Versions

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