Are you a music fan who wants an easy way to get the music you love with a simple application on your desktop?  Today we bring you a list of some of the cooler music themed desktop gadgets for Vista and Windows 7. Radio

Check out new artists and bands emerging on the music scene with the gadget.  It allows you to control playback, volume, and songs.  You can can pick from a wide variety of music genres including Ska, Rock, Rap, and much more.

unsigned bands

Download Radio Desktop Gadget

iTunes Accessory Gadget

This cool gadget allows you to control playback of tracks and other settings in iTunes without having to open up the entire iTunes application.

Download iTunes Accessory Gadget

ChroniX MetalRadio

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, one of the coolest online metal stations is ChroniX Radio.  This handy gadget lets you stream and control playback of their three channels–Aggression, Metal, and Grit–where each has a different flavor of hard rock and metal.

Download Chronix MetalRadio Gadget

iClassical Radio Player

For fans of classical music this gadget lets you stream classical music from a variety of online classical stations.  The only controls are stop and play but being able to select from a wide variety of stations on your desktop make this a excellent app for the classical music connoisseur.


Download the iClassical Radio Player Gadget

Media Player Gadget

This ties into your Windows Media Player library and allows you to easily search it.  It also will display album artwork, track information, and give you visualizations when playing a song.  It is a lot easier to navigate than opening the full WMP application.

Media Player

Download Media Player Gadget

If you are a fan of Music and desktop gadgets you might want to give these a try.  We would like to know about some of your favorite Windows Desktop Gadgets just leave a comment below.