Editor’s Note: Chi.mp is a free service, and we really like it, but this shouldn’t be considered an official How-To Geek endorsement.

Would you love to own your personal domain name, be able to blog, create photo albums, and aggregate all of your social accounts in one place? As impossible as it may sound, you can have all of that goodness in one place with Chi.mp (Content Hub & Identity Management Platform).

About Little Bit About Chi.mp

You may be asking yourself “What makes Chi.mp special?” or “What do I get with an account?”. What you get is:

  • Your own personal domain name free with your website
  • Blog posting
  • Photo albums
  • Aggregation of all of your social accounts
  • Contact book and management system
  • Multiple profiles with customizable privacy settings for each
  • Detailed personal profile building (amount of detail based on personal preferences)
  • Personal VCard
  • Choice of preset or custom themes
  • No ads
  • The entire service is free

It is extremely easy to get started with Chi.mp…simply enter the domain name that you would like to use in the form to see if it is available. If it is available, you can immediately start the simple registration/setup process for your new site. No waiting periods and definitely no hassle!

Chi.mp is very straightforward in what your rights are and what you can expect from them. Notice that your personal data, information, and contacts are treated with respect. Another nice feature is that you are not forced to have advertising on your site unless you specifically desire it (that is very wonderful!).

Set up the profile (or profiles) that work best for you. Chi.mp starts with a default set of three…Public, Work and Friends. Use what you need and create as many additional ones as you need or desire. You can set different levels of privacy for each particular profile that you have.

Note: The privacy settings are also available for your contacts.

Once You Have an Account

After you get your personal domain registered and start working on your new site, you will see the following message on the Dashboard page (default page when you log in to your account). This really does work as an all purpose type of website for you (terrific!).

Here is a quick look at the menu toolbar that will at the top of your site while you are logged in. Each of these areas have a sub-menu toolbar to navigate through more options and settings for your site. Sub-menus are displayed below this menu toolbar.

Aggregating Your Social Accounts

Chi.mp allows you to aggregate the feeds from all of your favorite social services into a single stream on the main page. Adding new feeds is very easy to do. Notice the “Add a Feed” option on the right side…you just might be surprised by what you can actually add in (very nice!).

Here is what your services window will look like once you have added some services to your site. Notice the nice split between current services and the services that are available for you to add in. Current services also include icons to help differentiate between them.

Blogging and Photo Albums

If you would like to add blog posts to your site, this is what you will see. There is a very nice excerpt option that you can use to create “teasers” for your posts (nice!). The post toolbar has a nice selection of commands available and even includes superscript and subscript commands.

Note: If you wish, you will be able to view your blog posts separately (i.e. http://your-name.mp/blog/)

Want to create a new photo album? This is what you will see when creating one. You can easily select the profiles that blog posts and photo albums are viewable/available for.


You can have a lot of fun customizing how your site looks…choose between picture backgrounds, solid color backgrounds, or use a custom theme.

Here is an example of what a front page looks like with a picture background theme…

And an example of a front page with a solid color background theme.


Even though Chi.mp is still in the beta stage, it is already showing a phenomenal amount of potential as a way to centralize all of you internet activities. This is one web-service that is definitely worth taking a look at!


Chi.mp Homepage

Getting started with Chi.mp Webpage

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