4K refers to the resolution of an electronic display, a photo, or a video, which could be 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 pixels. 4K quickly grows to be a familiar sight in the digital video world, appearing in almost any field related to image or video, such as TV, monitor, camera, projector, and streaming content. Along with the popularity of 4K is the demand for 4K video upscaling and downscaling software like the latest WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe V5.12.0.

Upscale to 4K Resolution

Some people need to upscale videos they have possibly in 1080P to 4K for viewing on newly-bought 4K TV, sharing to 4K-supporting sites like YouTube, or for other purposes.

4K Video to 1080P, MP4, etc

On the contrast, some people want to downscale their 4K content, 4K gameplay recording for instance, to unburden their storage devices or to play on modestly equipped gadgets without trouble.

Now Digiarty is giving away WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe – a piece of hardware accelerated video software supporting 4K, 2K, 1080P HD and others – as a Christmas gift for all How-to Geek readers without strings attached.

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Of note: the giveaway version covers all features except for lifetime free upgrade. If you value free update service, you might as well use the coupon “WINX-XMAS-OFFER” at Digiarty’s DVD/Video Toolkit Christmas Sales to purchase a lifetime license key at preferential price. Lifetime version users are entitled to enjoy lifetime free update, free tech support and 30-day money back guarantee.

Discover More About This 4K Video Upscaler / Downscaler

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is multifunctional and powerful video software for Windows 10 and lower. Built with 370+ video audio codecs, it supports almost all video formats as input and embraces all mainstream outputs. It is available to download 4K/HD/SD videos from 300+ sites and convert videos to/from 4K or lower at super fast speed. Check why it is the best 4K downloader and converter.

  • Fast 4K upscaling and downsaling speed

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is well equipped with multiple advanced speed-boosting technologies including Intel QSV, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC hardware acceleration, Hyper-threading, MMX-SSE, AMD 3DNow! and ability to use up to 8 CPU cores. That way it processes 4K upscaling, downscaling or file format conversion obviously faster. For example, when we upscale 1080P to 4K on a Windows 10 PC configured with Intel® Graphics 4600 and GTX 980, speed achieves 98 fps when hardware acceleration enabled but 32 fps if disabled. In the same condition, downscaling 4K to 1080P will reach to 133 fps with the assistant of hardware acceleration, and 59 fps on its own.

Upscale video to 4K (H.265/H.264) with best quality

4K TV often has an upscaling engine running inside it. However cheaper 4K TV may deliver a video with glitch and noise. Surprisingly, WinX featuring advanced 4K algorithm, High Quality Engine and “Yadif Double Frames” De-interlacing Engine will maximally enhance image quality and reduce noise. It allows you to upscale videos say 1080P HD content to 4K 2160P (3840×2160 or 4096×2160) encoded with H.264 or HEVC/H.265. The first codec ensures broad compatibility while the latter saves you much space without compromising to quality.

  • Downscale 4K to desirable resolution or format

4K is still some way from dominating the market. Currently, we still need to compress 4K to 2K, 1440P, 1080P, 720P, or lower, for space saving, smooth playback, faster uploading, etc. All these needs can be satisfied by WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. In addition, it provides 410+ optimized output profiles for PC, Mac, mobiles, game consoles, popular online sites and Apple editing programs. You can easily find your desired format or profile, such as MP4, HEVC, MOV, and iPhone X (H.264). And, it will finish resolution decrease quickly and keep highest possible quality.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can do more than we talk about here. For example, it can trim off unwanted segment, merge multiple footages into a single one, insert external subtitle, and make vivid photo slideshow. Give the giveaway version a try and watch your digital life becoming easier than ever.