How to Create a Game Event on the PlayStation 4 or Pro

If you like spending time gaming with others online, creating an event on the PlayStation 4 or Pro is an easy way to get everyone together at the same time, in the same game. Here’s how to set one up.

What Are Events?

Basically, Events are a way to schedule a gaming session with your crew—you can set the time, pick the game, and invite people from your friends list, a message group, or an entire community. Events can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance, and users who agree to go to the event can even choose to auto-join when the event is going to start.

How to Create an Event

Setting up an event is actually pretty easy. First, jump over to the Events icon in the action bar. It looks like a little calendar.

This will take you to the Events screen, where you can see details of Your Events and more. To create one, scroll to the bottom of the list and click the “Create Event” button.

You’ll start by giving it a name and description. The default is <Username>’s Event, and the description is blank. Change that to however you see fit.

From there, you set the start time and have the option to auto-join.

Next, you’ll set the length of time you want the event to run for.

You can optionally set your game—if you have plans for everyone to get together in the same game, make sure that’s known here.

From there, choose the number of players that are allowed to join.

Finally, select who to send invitations to: specific players, a message group, or entire community (if you want).

Click the Create button. Boom—your event is live!

How to Edit or Delete an Event

With everything set up, you can jump back into your event from the “Your Events” tab on the Events page.

You can edit or delete your event by clicking the “Edit” button, which will allow you to either edit or completely delete the event.

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