For a while, Facebook thought I was into basketball. Almost every ad was for something to do with basketball. The thing is, I’m not sure Ireland even has a basketball team. We certainly don’t have a professional one and I’ve never watched a game in my life. It was a confusing phase of my digital life and it took a few months before I started seeing relevant ads again.

Facebook won’t always be so off base with who you are or what you’re into, but there’s a good chance that it will occasionally show you ads you have no interest in, annoy you, or even offend you. If that happens, it’s simple to hide them. The process is the same whatever platform you use, so here’s how.

Click or tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the ad and select Hide Ad.

If you’re using the website, select one of the reasons you don’t want to see it and click Continue.

Now you’ll never see that ad again. If you want to get rid of every ad from the same company, select Hide All Adverts From [Company].

If you’re offended by the ad and want someone at Facebook to review it, select Report Ad and then select a reason it’s offensive. Click or tap Continue and it will be sent to Facebook for review as well as hidden from your News Feed.

There’s no guarantee that what you find offensive is actually against Facebook’s Terms of Service, but at least it also hides it so you won’t see it again.

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