“I bought a stack of DVDs a couple of years ago. Although they got slightly scratched, I’m still unwilling to throw them into the rubbish bin. “

“Currently we often tend to get movie sources through the purchase of digital copy. However, some classic movies have been pulled from the shelves. Old DVDs are our last resort, but we may find them unable to play normally.”

Old DVDs still mean a lot to some people. To keep DVD content/data stay safe and sound permanently, DVD owners are seeking for a way to copy old DVD to a new one or create a digital copy of it. Well, look no further, WinX DVD Copy Pro is your preferred program for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and lower to backup old and even scratched DVDs swiftly and losslessly, be they are home-made or commercially copy-protected. See how it renews your old DVDs.

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WinX DVD Copy Pro Overview9 Ways to Give Your Old DVDs a Second Chance to Live

WinX DVD Copy Pro covers nearly any DVD copy solution you need, from 1:1 clone to partial backup. Apart from handling newly-released movie DVDs, workout DVDs and others, it also sports the unique feature to copy old, scratched, dirty, worn and minor cracked DVDs by utilizing the most powerful sector-by-sector DVD copy technique. In the process of copy it skips blank sectors and fixes bad sectors including Sony ARccOS bad sectors deliberately created on DVD to prevent cloning.

  1. Clone old broken DVD to a new disc at 1:1 ratio

In this way, you can transfer all content inside old DVD including all titles, menus, subtitles and more, to a new blank disc. DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW (DL), DVD RAM are all supported. Within several simple steps, you will copy DVD9 (Dual Layer) to DVD9 or DVD5 (Single Layer) to DVD5 without quality or any data loss.

  1. 1:1 copy old DVD as an ISO image file

If you don’t have idle blank disc, copying your old DVD to ISO file is also a good choice. It is also a full DVD disc backup scheme, maintaining all data. Output ISO files can be kept in storage devices, played directly on computer without requiring DVD drive, and burned to DVD later if necessary.

  1. 1:1 copy old DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder

Just like ISO images, VIDEO_TS folder is easy to store and manage. Moreover, it can be played on VLC, 5KPlayer and other common players directly and further burned into DVD as needed. 1:1 DVD copy will be finished within 12-17 minutes, certainly also depending on computer configurations. Average CPU cost will be less than 1%, having no impact on other tasks.

  1. Copy DVD main title to a single MPEG2 file

This DVD copy mode is useful when we only need preserve main title content. Main title along with corresponding audio and subtitle tracks will be selected automatically after loading source DVD. Click Run button and you’ll soon get a digital copy in MPEG2 which can be played back on PS3, Xbox, Wii and TVs.

  1. Duplicate desired DVD chapter

Sometimes we need to rip certain chapter off DVD for editing or other purposes. WinX DVD Copy pro can do this trick readily. It loads source DVD, displays all chapters to choose, and allows us to copy any wanted chapter as MPEG2 file.

  1. Extract video only from DVD

It will keep the video of DVD but remove audio tracks. Doing this helps dub it and create a parody for sharing with families and friends.

  1. Extract audio only from DVD

This DVD copy mode is contrary to the above one. It discards video footages and keeps sound track in AC3 only. You’re free to choose any audio language for listening training or other purposes.

  1. Mount ISO file to a virtual drive

Mounting ISO image as a virtual drive will make an illusion of a real disc loaded in the drive. That way, we can play and rip the DVD ISO image on programs which support DVD disc as input but exclude ISO image.

  1. Burn ISO or VIDEO_TS folder to DVD disc

WinX DVD Copy Pro is not only able to copy DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder, but also capable of burning them back to a blank DVD disc as required.

To sum up, WinX DVD Copy Pro is full-fledged DVD copy software for coping with old scratched DVDs on Windows. If you need to create a digital copy of DVD on Mac, Mac DVD Ripper is the way to go. As a final word of caution, you should obey the copyright laws in your country and copy commercial DVDs for personal use only.