How to Stop Incoming Phone Calls from Ringing On Your Mac and iPad

When someone calls my iPhone, it rings, as you’d expect. But so do my Mac and my iPad. It sounds like a teenage band at their first rehearsal: everyone’s trying to play the same tune, but they’re not doing it at the same time.

While I get how this feature could be convenient, I’ve never answered a phone call from my Mac. I’ve always just picked up my iPhone. If you’re in the same boat, it might be worth turning it off. Here’s how.

You need to turn this feature off on your iPhone, not your Mac or iPad. So grab your phone and go to Settings > Phone. Then, select Calls on Other Devices.

You can now toggle which other devices you want to Allow Calls On, or just turn the feature off fully. I’ve gone the whole hog and turned off Allow Calls on Other Devices to stop my Mac from ever ringing again.

Now when you get a phone call, it will just ring on your phone, rather on every Apple device nearby that’s attached to your iCloud account.

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