You’ve got big plans for tonight, and they all revolve around Netflix. You fire up your Roku and…it’s not working. Is your Internet down, or is Netflix?

There are many ways to troubleshoot internet connection issues, but you’re firmly rooted on the couch and don’t want to move far enough to find a phone or a laptop. That’s fair. Thanks to a new feature in Roku OS 8, you can now test things on the Roku itself.

Head to Settings > Network and you’ll find the new Check Connection option.

Select this and your Roku will check whether you’re connected to your network and whether the internet is available. Most times, you’ll be told everything is fine.

If your Internet connection isn’t working, you’ll be given some some time-honored advice instead:

And if you’re trying to connect to a network with browser-based authentication that’s expired, you’ll be pointed toward Roku’s Dorm and Hotel Connect feature.

Guess you’re going to need to find that laptop anyway. Roku doesn’t have its own browser for authenticating such services, so you’ll need to connect to your Roku with a laptop or phone in order to complete the process.

Just connect to your Roku and follow the steps in your browser.

Now that you’ve worked out what’s wrong with your connection, it’s time to back to watching The Good Place. Stick with it until the end of the first season. It’s totally worth it, I promise.

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