How to See All the Apps You’ve Ever Downloaded on Your iPhone or iPad

In the seven years I’ve been using an iPhone, I’ve downloaded hundreds of apps. I’ve deleted the vast majority of them off my iPhone, but iOS has kept a record. There’s a way to see every app you’ve ever downloaded and re-download them. Here’s how.

Open the App Store and tap the Profile icon in the top right then select Purchased.

Now you’ll see a list of every app you’ve ever downloaded. You can filter it by All apps or just the ones Not on This iPhone.

To re-download any app, tap the Cloud icon next to it. If you want to remove any app from the list, swipe it to the left and tap Hide.

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If you’ve updated to iOS 11, you won’t be able to download any old 32-bit apps. A lot of games from the early days of iOS are no longer supported.

Surprisingly, though, I was able to successfully download the app Vidyo that was pulled from the App Store by Apple. I was also able to download an older app that was removed by the developer. Your mileage may vary with apps like this, but it’s worth a shot if you’re trying to find something that’s been pulled from the store.

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