Your iPhone have a flashlight function, but why pull it out of your pocket if you don’t have to? Your Apple Watch can do something very similar. Here’s how to use it when you need to stumble your way through a dark room.

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Unfortunately, the Apple Watch doesn’t have a LED flash like the iPhone does, so instead it relies on the small screen to provide enough light to see your way through a pitch-black room or hallway. It’s not quite as bright, but it at least prevents you from having to fish your iPhone out of your pocket every time.

To get started, wake up your Apple Watch by tapping on the screen or raising your wrist. When the screen turns on, swipe up from the bottom to bring up Control Center. Then tap on the flashlight button.

The screen will turn completely white. It will appear dim at first, but tapping on it will enable full brightness and give you more light to see in the dark.

There are three different “flashlights” that you can choose from: white, flashing white, and red. The red is great for when you need to see in the dark, but don’t want your eyes to fully adjust to brighter light. And the flashing white can be used as a beacon of sorts by getting someone’s attention. Or if you’re out running at night, you can alert drivers so they see you. All you have to do is swipe left or right to choose one.

To turn off the Apple Watch’s flashlight mode, just swipe down from the top of the screen.

That’s all there is to it! Again, if you only need a little bit of light to guide your way, the Apple Watch is the way to go. However, it can’t beat the iPhone’s LED flash. So if you need the most light possible, your iPhone is still the best option for that.

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