By default, whenever Spotify reaches the end of the song, album, artist, or playlist you’re listening to, it auto-plays similar songs using its Radio feature. You can see in the screenshot below that I listened to REM’s Bad Day, and then the next thing it played was a Song Radio for Bad Day.

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Spotify is normally pretty good at picking out music you’ll like, but there are plenty of times you won’t want Spotify to just keep throwing out tunes.

Say, for example, you’ve put on your favorite album to fall asleep to; you don’t want to wake up at three in the morning and find Spotify still going. Similarly, if you’re streaming Spotify over mobile data you might make the calculated decision to listen to blink-182’s classic album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket; you might not, however, want Spotify to burn through a load of extra cellular data when the album ends playing some more (admittedly awesome) early-2000s pop punk.

Whatever your reason, here’s how to stop Spotify from autoplaying music when whatever you were listening to is finished.

On the Desktop App

Open Spotify, click on the dropdown arrow next to your account name and select Settings.

Scroll down to the Autoplay section and toggle Autoplay Similar Songs When Your Music Ends to off.

On the Mobile App

Open Spotify, go to the Your Library tab, and tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.

And then go to Playback. Scroll down to the end and turn the Autoplay switch to off.

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