Halloween is coming up, and if you have a house full of Philips Hue light bulbs, now is the time to really put them to good use. Here are some great ways to use these lights to make your house just a tad bit haunted.

Take Advantage of Hue’s Horrible Greens

If you have 1st- or 2nd-generation Hue bulbs, then you might be familiar with how poorly they produce a true green color—it’s more like a disgusting yellow-ish green, but the one this is a good thing is during Halloween.

By changing your lights to a dull yellow-ish green, you can make your house look like a scene straight out of a Saw movie. Use the color picker in the Hue app to make fine adjustments to the color if need be, but it can turn any normal room into a fantastic creepy fest in no time.

Use Hue Disco to Strobe Your Lights

You can create some cool effects with your Hue lights, like strobing them to simulate lightning. Hue Disco is a great app for this (available for Android and iPhone). It’s mostly aimed at syncing Hue lights to your music, but it also has a dedicated strobe function that randomizes bright white flashes of light.

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Set this up for all your lights and from the outside it will look like your house is just one big spooky thunderstorm. Or you can also have the room at the end of your long hallway flashing away with the door cracked open, creating an eerie sight.

My favorite, though, is laying a lamp on the floor and strobing the Hue light that’s screwed into it, simulating a lamp getting knocked over and malfunctioning.

Sync Your Lights to Halloween Sound Effects

If you want variety with the different things you can do with your Hue lights during Halloween, a great app to use is Hue Halloween (available for Android and iPhone).

The app comes with a plethora of both sound and light effects that play in tandem in a soundboard-style layout. There are also a few options that you can play continuously on top of the various effects, like creepy piano music paired with things like a witch’s cackle, doors creaking, thunder and lightning, and a lot more.

Simulate Flickering Candle Light

One of the most simple ways to create spooky lighting is using candles and torches. Of course, you could just use normal candles or torches, but if you’re worried about the fire hazards and smoke, and don’t want to go out and buy those fake LED candles, Hue lights are your next best option.

Perhaps the best app for this is OnSwitch (for Android and iPhone), which can simulate this kind of light by creating a soft, orange, oscillating glow. If you have a Philips Hue Go, you can even place them in carved out pumpkins to bring them to life.

Get Creative and Experiment

These are just a few ideas to get your started. The best thing you can do is just experiment and get creative with your lights. Pair them with all sorts of different Halloween props so they can compliment each other.

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You don’t even have to use Halloween-themed colors and apps if you don’t want to—if you’re throwing a simple costume party that isn’t meant to be scary or anything, actually take advantage of Hue Disco’s music-syncing features if you’ll have the stereo going.

Ultimately, the world is your oyster, but hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party or trick-or-treat session.

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