How to Take Polls With Your Instagram Story

Instagram, in their continuing quest to eat Snapchat’s lunch, has recently added a way to take simple polls through your Story. Here’s how.

Take a photo as if you’re going to post it to your Instagram Story as normal.

Tap the Stickers icon and then select Poll.

Enter the question you want people to vote on—it can only have two answers.

You can leave the answers as the default Yes and No, or change them to whatever you want.

Tap Done then position the Poll in your photo.

To finish, tap Your Story to post it.

Now anyone who views your Story will be able to vote just by tapping on one of the answers.

You’ll receive notifications as your friends and followers weigh in.

To check the results at any time, view your own Story and swipe up. You’ll see how people have voted.

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