Notification pop-ups can get annoying when they appear over a video you’re trying to watch on Netflix. The Xbox One allows you to hide notifications while watching videos, preventing such distractions.

To change this setting, head to Settings > All Settings > Preferences > Notifications on your Xbox One.

If you really dislike notifications, you could disable the “Notifications on” checkbox here and prevent your Xbox One from showing you notifications at any point.

However, to simple prevent notifications from appearing while you’re watching videos, you’ll need to select “Xbox notifications”.

You’ll see a list of different categories of notifications, including categories like Friends & broadcasts, Achievements, Messages, Incoming calls, and System. These categories all have separate settings.

To prevent a type of notification from appearing while you’re watching videos, select it here. If you want to prevent all notifications from appearing while you’re watching videos, just select the first category—you’ll have to change this setting separately for each category of notifications.

Enable the “Hide pop-ups during video” checkbox for the notification. Press the B button on your keyboard to go back and repeat this process for each type of notification you want to hide while watching videos.

You can also choose to disable the “Show pop-ups” setting for each type of notification, which will disable notification pop-ups for it everywhere. Notifications hidden in this way will still be available in the Notifications menu, but they’ll never pop up and interrupt whatever you’re doing.

Notifications you receive will still be accessible in the Notifications menu, even if they don’t pop up when you receive them.