SoundCloud, an alternative platform for posting and selling music and other audio-only content, offers an API that lets other websites and applications access its data for cool connections. But it’s always possible to be too connected, and if you’d rather be a little more secure with your SoundCloud account, you’ll want to restrict and cancel some of those connections. Here’s how.

Go to the SoundCloud website from a desktop browser (or a mobile browser in “desktop mode“), and then log in in the normal fashion. Either a regular SoundCloud account or a connected Facebook or Google account is fine.

Click the three-dot “menu” button in the upper-right hand corner, and then click the “Settings” option.

On the main Settings screen, click the “Connections” tab.

The “Connections” page is divided into two sections: the upper section for connections to social networks, and the lower section for connections to mobile apps and other sound-related tools. Things are pretty self-explanatory from here: click the “Disconnect” button on social networks to remove the connection.

And click the “Revoke access” button for apps in the “Connected Applications” section. Make sure these are changes you want—there are no verification dialogues for this step.

As always, remember that revoking access from third-party apps or sites doesn’t necessarily mean the data they’ve already collected goes away. Log into the other application and remove the data (or your account) manually, if the option is offered.

Image credit: William Bout

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