Lots of iPhone and iPad apps ask for ratings, and they often don’t stop. Even if you do leave a review just to stop seeing the review requests, new apps you install will pester you for reviews, too. iOS 11 fixes this problem, limiting how often apps can ask for ratings and allowing you to stop these requests entirely.

Apps Can Only Ask For Ratings Three Times Per Year

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Even if you don’t change the setting we’re about to discuss, you’ll benefit from upgrading to iOS 11. As of iOS 11, apps have to use Apple’s standard way of asking for a rating—specifically, the SKStoreReviewController API. Apple will begin rejecting apps that use their own ratings request prompt.

Each app can also only ask for a rating three times every 365 days. This limit is not reset when the app is updated, so there’s no way for developers to escape the limit. That will put a stop to those annoying apps that insist on asking for a rating every single day.

How to Never Allow Apps to Ask For Ratings

Apple also introduces a setting in iOS 11 that prevents all apps from ever asking for ratings. By default, apps are allowed to ask for ratings, but you can turn this off. The choice is now up to you.

To change this, head to Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Scroll down on the “iTunes & App Store” screen, locate the “In-App Ratings & Reviews” option, and then disable it.


Of course, if you want to leave a review or rating for an app, you can still head to the App Store and do it from there.

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