Sonic is hilarious. Maybe it’s the decades of bad games. Maybe it’s the Extreme Attitude™, a 90s marketing gimmick that feels dated now. Or maybe it’s just that he’s a weird looking dude.

Whatever the reason, it’s really easy to make fun of Sonic, so the Internet provides a never-ending collection of hilarious Sonic pictures, GIFs and videos.

But some fans go further. Not content with making images and animations, these fans make entire games serving as one giant Sonic joke. Here are a few you can download right now.

Sanicball: Gotta Go Fast

Sanicball is pure condensed stupid. It’s glorious.

Think of it as Mario Kart with with poorly sketched Sonic faces on balls instead of karts. Seriously you guys: it’s amazing.

Sanic, Knackles, Taels, and the rest of the misspelt gang hurtle through courses that vaguely resemble retro Sonic levels, with controls that are barely manageable. I won’t spoil anything, but needless to say, more dumb memes await you within.

And I’m not being mean, by the way: the game’s creator basically says as much on the game’s home page:

Sanicball is a stupid, silly game that throws away complex gameplay mechanics, character progression, and microtransactions in favor of pure fast. It features the all the latest dumb internet memes thrown together in a blender to form a truly europhoic circlejerking experience. This wasn’t the original intention but it ended up happening anyway.

So yeah, you know what to expect here: fast. Lots and lots of fast. Get started.

Sonic Dreams: Surrealist Nonsense We Can’t Even Begin to Describe

The Sonic Dreams homepage presents this game as a leak: a collection of titles Sega made in the 90s but never released. I can only imagine what playing these games would be like if you actually believed that.

Because man, this thing is weird, and 100 percent not safe for work. The first game, make my Sonic, is innocent enough: click some buttons, warp Sonic’s body, see a randomly generated name.

But this is only the beginning. There’s Sonic Movie Maker, where you carry around a camera and throw inanimate Sonic models into all sorts of situations, some too explicit to outline here. And then there’s My Roommate Sonic, a first person game where you sit beside Sonic on the couch watching TV, and then try to seduce him by tickling.

Yes, you read that correctly. And it gets weirder: Eggman, who apparently lives across the street, texts you tips the entire time.

Oh, and this one is Oculus Rift compatible, just in case you want every part of your soul to feel dirty.

Sonic in Ocarina of Time and Mario 64

Try as Sega does, Sonic never really seems to fully work in 3D. Link and Mario made the transition fairly well, but something about Sonic’s style of platforming seems predestined to be a mess once you add the third dimension. So why not just throw Sonic into those games?

As with most things, ROM hackers have gotten there first, unnecessarily inserting Sonic into two of the most beloved games of the early 3D era. First there’s Sonic in Ocarina of Time, which allows the Blue Blur to dash across Hyrule Field. It’s exactly as broken as you think.

And then there’s Sonic in Mario 64, which lets you collect stars with more speed than usual.

Neither of these offer a particularly great gameplay experience, but that’s kind of the point. Enjoy!

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