Under normal circumstances, the Kwikset Kevo relies on your phone in order to know whether it should unlock your door. However, if you’d rather use a dedicated key fob for that (or as a backup when you forget your phone), here’s how to set up the Kwikset Kevo Fob to give your phone a break.

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The fob is a direct replacement for your phone, and for just $25, it’s not that bad of an investment if you don’t have your phone’s Bluetooth on all the time. Plus, from my testing, the fob works just as well as your phone, and you don’t even have to hold it up near the lock—keeping it in your pocket works just fine.

To set up the fob and getting it working with your Kevo lock, start by taking a pen or pencil and press down on the button in the middle of the fob. The small LED light will blink green.

Next, head to your lock (make sure that it’s unlocked for this) and remove the battery cover or the entire cover itself in order to expose the program button. Press on it when you have access to it.

From there, hold the fob up to the lock and the fob will begin to blink faster. In a couple of seconds the lock will beep two times to indicate a successful pairing.

That’s all there is to it! You can immediately begin using the fob to unlock your door. However, test it out first before actually putting it into official use, just to make sure that it works as expected.

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