Just like desktop applications, the application packages on your Synology NAS need an occasional restart—but unlike desktop applications, it’s a little less clear on how you do so. Let’s dive into the why, when, and how of restarting application packages.

Unlike the apps that you open and close with frequency on your desktop computer, application packages on your Synology NAS are more akin to server services than desktop apps, and it’s best to leave them running all the time unless you have some pressing need to turn them off. Here are a few examples of times when you might wish to stop and/or restart an application package:

  • An application package is malfunctioning in some way. Restarting it is an appropriate troubleshooting action.
  • An application package is resource heavy and infrequently used. Stopping it during long spells of disuse is an appropriate action.
  • An application package reads or writes to a disk you’re troubleshooting. Temporarily stopping it to avoid strain on the disk(s) is an appropriate action.

As a general rule, however, you’ll get the most utility out of your Synology NAS if you leave all your installed packages running. An always-on home server loses a lot of its usefulness if you need to go manually turn on the backup, photo, or music services, after all.

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To stop and restart any or all of your installed packages simply navigate to the web-based interface of your Synology NAS and select the shortcut for the Package Center (either on the desktop or within the full application menu, accessible from the menu button on top toolbar).

Within the Package Manager, simply select the application you wish to start, stop, or restart from the list of installed applications, as seen below. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re selecting “Download Station”. Note that the main entry for the application package indicates that the packaging is currently running.

In the detailed view, select the “Action” drop down menu beneath the application package’s icon, as seen below.

Here, if the application package is running, you can select “Stop” to stop it.

You’ll be prompted to confirm you want to stop the package. Confirm by clicking “Yes.”

You’ll see a brief animation as the package is stopped, and the status in the column beneath the dropdown menu will switch from “Running” to “Stopped.” If you’re turning off the package for an extended period of time, you’re done. If you’re restarting it to, hopefully, kick a ghost out of the machine and get things running smoothly again, click on the dropdown menu once more and select “Run” to start the package again.

Although your trips into the package manager to stop and restart apps will be infrequent—in our experience the NAS and the application packages are very stable—now you know your way around and can pop in when necessary to give a malfunctioning package a little nudge.

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