How to See the Edit History of Any Facebook Post or Comment

It’s pretty easy to edit Facebook posts. While that’s handy when you’re doing the editing, it can trip you up if you’re replying to someone who will edit their post later. To avoid embarrassment or trolling, Facebook lets you see the edit history of any post that’s been changed.

To find the history on a Facebook post, click the arrow on the top right corner of any post.

In the dropdown menu, click View Edit History.

For edited comments, you’ll see the word Edited next to the time stamp for the comment. Click this to view the comment’s edit history.

In both cases, a box will appear showing each version of the old post or comment and when it was made.

Most of the time people edit comments or posts, it’s to correct a typo or fix a mistake, so this probably won’t be all that interesting. However, if you find that the replies to a post don’t make sense or if someone claims to have said one thing while everyone is responding to something different, check this edit history to see what they really said.

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