How to Make Snapchat Use Less Data With Travel Mode

Like Facebook, Snapchat can quickly use a lot of data. By default, even when you’re on mobile data, Snapchat will automatically download any Snaps you receive or Stories your friends post. All it takes is one friend to go a little heavy with the video Snaps, and you can burn through a hundred megabytes just by opening the app.

Thankfully, Snapchat includes Travel Mode for just this sort of situation. When it’s enabled, Snaps and Stories won’t load automatically. Instead, you have to tap on each one to download it, and a second time to watch it. Here’s how to enable it.

Open Snapchat and swipe down to get to the Menu screen. Tap the gear icon in the top right to get to Settings.

Under Additional Services tap Manage and then tap the Travel Mode switch to enable it. Now Snapchat will use a lot less mobile data.

One quick thing to note: Travel Mode only works on mobile data. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, Snaps and Stories will automatically download as usual.

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