Amazon’s 1-Click Ordering can be handy for ordering things quickly, but maybe it shouldn’t be quite that easy to spend a ton of money without leaving your home. Here’s how to turn off 1-Click Ordering if you’d rather keep a couple extra steps between Amazon and your wallet.

Update: As of May 2020, it looks like Amazon has removed the option to disable 1-click ordering. Amazon’s support site has outdated information that still says the option exists, but it no longer does.

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As we’ve previously covered, Amazon actually has a few types of 1-Click Ordering. Regular 1-Click covers orders from the web or devices like the Amazon Echo, while Mobile 1-Click covers ordering from your phone or tablet. Amazon also uses 1-Click to cover digital purchases like ebooks or streaming video, but you can’t turn off 1-Click Ordering for digital purchases.

To turn off 1-Click for everything other than digital purchases, head to, sign in to your account, and then click the “Accounts & Lists” menu.

Next, under the “More ways to pay” section, click the “1-Click settings” option.

Towards the top right of the next page, you’ll see a box labeled “1-Click Status” that contains options for disabling 1-Click Ordering. You can turn it off for specific devices or browsers, or you can click the “Turn off everywhere” button to, well, turn it off everywhere.

After disabling 1-Click Ordering, you’ll need to go through the normal shopping cart checkout process every time you want to buy something from Amazon (except digital content). Hopefully that will help cut down on those ill-advised late night purchases.

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