Over the past two years, Instagram has slowly been cloning Snapchat. Now, they’ve added Snapchat’s last great feature: Face Filters. Here’s how to use them.

Open Instagram and swipe to the right (or tap the little camera icon) to get to the camera screen.

Tap the small face icon on the right to bring up the Face Filters.

Tap through them and find the one you want to use. They’re regularly updated and changed.

Tap the camera button to take the photo and make any other edits you want.

When you’re done, you’ve got a few options. Tap Save to save the image to your phone so you can upload it elsewhere. Tap Your Story to post it directly to your Instagram Story. Tap Next if you want to send it as a direct message through Instagram.

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And that’s it, you’re done. Instagram’s Face Filters are a little more low-key than Snapchat’s. The effects aren’t quite as over the top, but they are still fun to use.

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