Facebook’s a truly international site. Hundreds of millions of their users don’t speak English as a first language. You might even be Facebook friends with some of them.

To make life easier for international friends to communicate, Facebook has added features that do things like auto-translate posts in another language. If, however, you speak two languages and want to make sure that the translation for your posts is spot on, you can add one manually yourself. Here’s how.

Head to the Settings screen.

Next, select Language.

Select Post in Multiple Languages under Multilingual Posts.

Check the box that says Write Posts in More Than One Language.

Click Save Changes and now, you’ll be able to post in two different languages at once.

Head back to your News Feed and start writing a new post. Let’s write it in English first.

Next, click the little grey Write Post In Another Language.

Select the language you’re using and write a new version of your original post. I’m using French.

You can also add things like images, videos or stickers. They will appear with both posts.

Click Post and it’ll be shared on your Facebook. Anyone who views your Facebook page will see the post that’s right for them.

Here’s what I see.

But here is what my French friend Jeremy would see.

For the time being, this feature only appears to be available from Facebook’s website. If it gets added to mobile, we’ll update this article.

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