Not many people are big fan’s of Facebook’s algorithm, but they claim it drives user engagement. It’s no surprise then that Twitter has implemented a similar feature called Best Tweets.

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Now, instead of just seeing a chronological feed, when you log in to Twitter you’ll see the Tweets it thinks you’re most interested ahead of the most recent Tweets. After six hours away from my computer, I logged into Twitter and had to scroll through 44 Tweets before getting to my regular feed. This kind of flies in the face of what so many people love about Twitter so here’s how to turn it off.

The first two Tweets, and 42 more like them, appeared before the second two Tweets which are the start of my chronological feed.

Click on the small circle with your profile picture in the top right corner and select Settings and Privacy.

Scroll down to the Content section and next to Timeline, uncheck the box that says “Show Me the Best Tweets First”.

Click Save Changes, enter your password and click Save Changes again.

Now when your feed will just show the most recent Tweets. Note that this is separate from the “In Case You Missed It” box—you’ll still see that, but you’ll still get to your chronological timeline much quicker.

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