How to Sort Facebook by “Most Recent” (Instead of “Top Stories”)

By default, Facebook doesn’t show you everything. Instead, it decides what it thinks you want to see based on the things you like, comment on, and what kind of media Facebook wants to promote. If you’d rather see everything, in chronological order, the way Facebook used to be, here’s how to do that.

On the Facebook Website

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Open Facebook in your browser and click the three little dots next to where it says News Feed.

From the menu, click Most Recent.

Facebook will refresh and now you’ll see everything in chronological order.

The one downside is that you will need to do this every time you log into Facebook. To get around it, bookmark the URL in your bookmarks bar. The bit at the end tells Facebook to redirect to the Most Recent feed, so this will take you right there.

On the Facebook Mobile App

If you’re trying to view your Facebook feed on the iPhone or Android app, you can do that too. Open the Facebook app and head to the Menu pane.

On iOS, select Feeds.

Then select Most Recent and you will see everything in Chronological order.

On Android, you can select Most Recent from Feeds on the Menu pane.

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