You probably use Google search to find out everything from movie showtimes to how tall Jeff Goldblum is. However, you can also use the regular Google search page to find your emails, calendar events, and packages. Here’s how to find just your own stuff with a quick Google search.

As an example, say I want to find the email for movie tickets I purchased recently from AMC. To find it, search for “amc” on Google.

Next, click on the More tab, then choose Personal.

Your search results will now be limited to any emails that include “AMC.” You can use any search terms with this method, including email search parameters. For example, if you wanted to find any email from Amazon, you could type “from:amazon” in the search box.

You can also find some of your stuff without using the Personal tab. For example, to find a list of your upcoming calendar events, search for “my events.”

Search for “my packages” and you can also find information about orders you’ve placed online.  Google will pull out the price of the order, a list of items you ordered, links to your order on the site you ordered it from, and tracking information if it’s available.

Google can’t search everything on your account from the search box—for example, you can’t search your Google Photos library like you can from the app—but it’s handy for a few things so you don’t have to dig through your email or calendar apps.

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