Instagram is a great source of inspiration for many things: photographs, places to visit, outfits to wear, and much more. But for something to turn from inspiration to an actual reference, you need to be able to keep other people’s posts for later. Here’s how to save posts on Instagram.

Open Instagram and find a photo you want to save for later. You can save anyone’s photos, even your own, so I’m using this shot of my dog at the beach.

To save the photo, tap the Bookmark icon just beneath it. The icon will switch to black to show that the post is now in your Saved photos.

To view your Saved photos, head to your profile and tap the bookmark icon on the right side.

Here you’ll see all your Saved photos. No one else is able to see them.

To un-save a photo, select it and tap the bookmark icon again.

You can also create Collections of Saved photos. Tap the + icon in the top right corner and then enter a name for your Collection.

Tap Next and then select any photos you want to add from Saved.

Tap Done and you’ll have a new Collection. All your Collections are in the Collections tab in Saved.

To add more photos to a collection you’ve already created, select it and then tap the three dots in the top right corner followed by Add to Collection.

You’ll then be able to select any new photos you have in Saved. Select them and tap Done to add them to the Collection.

Instagram’s wonderful for research and with Saved photos and Collections, it’s simple to keep things organised by projects, locations, or whatever you want.

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