Instagram’s new Story feature is…divisive. I’m a big fan, but other members of the How-To Geek team think they’re just a waste of screen real estate. Or maybe there are just annoying people you want to follow on Instagram, but not see everything they post to their Story. In that case, the best thing to do is mute them. Here’s how.

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Open Instagram and go to the top of your feed. Swipe through the Stories at the top until you find the person you want to mute.

Tap and hold on the thumbnail for the account you want to mute and then tap Mute [AccountName]’s Story. I’m muting brosbeingbasic.

Muting moves their Story to the far right of the feed and greys it out so you don’t see when they’ve posted a new image. This makes it way easier to keep on top of the people you do want to follow.

If you want to unmute an account, just tap and hold on their greyed out thumbnail and select Unmute [AccountName]’s Story.

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