Google Wifi has some very useful tools for managing your home network. Among these tools is the ability to create labels with specific device groups—like “kids” or even “computers”—for easy pausing and unpausing of multiple devices at once.

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Using this feature couldn’t be simpler. Go ahead and fire up the Wifi app to get started. Scroll over to the far right tab, which is where you’ll find Shortcuts and Settings.

Tap on “Family Wi-Fi,” then tap the little label icon in the bottom right.


A walkthrough screen will show up, explaining how this feature works. Tap “Next” at the bottom, then give your group a name. I’m using “Kids” in this example, which is probably the best use for this feature.

After you enter the name, tap “Next,” then select the devices you’d like to add to this group. This is where it can get a little confusing—if the devices don’t properly report themselves to Wifi, it may be a little unclear what they actually are. So, it may take a bit of trial and error for you to figure it out. Godspeed.

Once you’ve select the devices, just tap “Next.” That’s it. All these devices will be placed into a group in the Family Wi-Fi, where you can pause or unpause them with the tap of a button. Use this new power for good.

You can also add and remove devices from this group easily—just tap on it, then use the pencil icon in the upper right corner to modify the device list. You can also pause and unpause specific devices from this group using this menu.

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