As with all social media sites, sometimes people want a break from Snapchat. You could just log out, but then people can still send you messages and they’ll think you’re ignoring them when you don’t respond. Instead, it’s better to deactivate or delete your account.

If you want a more permanent solution, the steps are the same. When you deactivate your account, it will stay that way for 30 days. If you log back in within the 30 days, all your contacts will be restored and it will be like you never left. If you don’t, your account will be permanently deleted.

It’s impossible to deactivate your Snapchat account from the Snapchat app. Instead, you need to visit Snapchat’s account management site. You can, however, do all this on your smartphone’s browser. Click the link above, enter your Snapchat login details, and click Log In.

Next, click Delete My Account.

Enter your login details again, and click Continue.

And that’s it, your account is now deactivated. Leave it alone for 30 days and it will be permanently deleted.

At any time in the 30 days, if you want to restore your Snapchat account, just log in to it through the Smartphone app. You’ll be asked if you want to reactivate your account. Tap yes and all will be as before.

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A lot of Snapchat’s popularity comes from the disposable nature of the service. It’s fun to use because nothing is saved. The absolute longest your photos can stick around on Snapchat’s servers is 30 days and that’s only in extreme cases. If your Snapchat account gets permanently deleted, it’s gone. There is no recovery. You’ll need to set up a new one if you want to use Snapchat again.

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