Recently Apple released their new 4th generation iPod Touch & iPhones, and if you get the new generation you probably want to transfer your data. Here we show you how to do it easily using iTunes.

Here we’re transferring our data from the iPod Touch 3rd generation to the latest 4th generation model using iTunes on a Windows 7 computer.

Here we have our iPod Touch 32GB 3rd generation device. Notice we have most everything in folders using the new iOS 4 feature. Since we don’t want to waste time setting up the new device with all the folders, apps, and music…we’ll use the backup feature in iTunes 10…yes iTunes…as it actually works well and you can register the device too.

Backup Old iPod

First plug in your old iPod and back it up. Just right-click on the device in iTunes and select Back Up.

Then wait while the backup process completes.

Register & Restore new iPod

Then connect your new iPod and click on the device and you’ll need to go through the registration process. Or you can register it later to if you want.

Now when you go to set it up, you have the choice to set it up as a new iPod, or restore from a backup. Here we’re selecting the most recent backup then click Continue.

Then wait for the process to complete. The amount of time it takes will depend on how much data was in the backup.

After the restoration is complete we were happy to see all of our data transferred to the 4th Gen iPod Touch successfully, including the folders we had created on the old device. Then of course we have the new featured included like FaceTime and the Camera app.

You can of course set it up as a new device and manually manage your apps and other content if you prefer that method.

Generally we try to stay away from iTunes as much as possible, and there are several alternatives out there. But for registering a new iPod and restoring data from the old one…the backup and restore feature works well.

Download the Latest Version of iTunes