Want to set a web page aside and come back to it in the future? If you use Microsoft Edge in Windows 10’s Creators Update, you don’t have to leave the tab open or bookmark it and remember to come back. You can tell Cortana to remind you about the address in the future and forget about it.

This is useful for anything time sensitive—for example, perhaps you need to come back to purchase a ticket or another item when it goes on sale. Or, perhaps you just want to read a long article tomorrow.

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This feature was originally the “Snooze” option you saw when right-clicking a tab in Edge early in the Creators Update. It now just involves sharing a web page with Cortana.

To get started, open a web page you want to view later in Edge. Click the “Share” button on Edge’s toolbar.

Click the “Cortana Reminders” icon to share the current web page with Cortana.

Cortana will appear with the website address you specified attached to a reminder. Name the reminder whatever you like and specify a date and time when it should appear.

After you create the reminder, you can close the tab and forget about it. When the time you specified comes, you’ll see a Cortana reminder pop up on your system. Click the “Open Link” button in the reminder to reopen the web page in Edge or whatever your default web browser is.

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If you want to see these reminders when you’re away from your PC, you can install the Cortana app on your smartphone—and yes, it works on Android phones and iPhones. You’ll then get all your Cortana reminders on your phone, too.

To manage these reminders, click the Cortana icon on your taskbar, click the notebook icon at the left side of the Cortana pane, and select “Reminders”. You’ll see a list of reminders you’ve added. You can click a reminder to rename, reschedule, or delete it.

This feature does require Microsoft Edge at the moment. If you try creating a reminder from the normal Cortana interface on the taskbar, you won’t be allowed to attach a website address. However, after the reminder is created, clicking the “Open Link” button in Cortana will open the page in your default web browser, even if that’s Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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