Windows 10’s Creators Update brings a number of improvements to Microsoft Edge—mostly in the areas of responsiveness and security. It also includes some new tab management features, like being able to set aside tabs for later.

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If you’re like us, you often  find yourself with a bunch of open tabs. You’d like to get those tabs out of the way sometimes, but they’re maybe not worth saving as actual bookmarks. Edge now lets you set tabs aside in a sort of temporary workspace so that you can call them back up later.

In Edge—and with some tabs open—you just have to click the button directly to the left of your open tabs. This is an all-or-nothing affair. You cannot set aside individual tabs; you have to set aside all open tabs in the window. You can, however, set aside all your tabs and then selectively reopen just the tabs you want. We’ll get to that in just a minute.

Note that after clicking the button, all the open tabs disappear. To see the tabs you’ve set aside, click the “Tabs” button at the far left.

Tabs that you’ve set aside are organized by when you set them aside. You won’t see any exact dates here. It’s just very general categories like “just now,” “last week,” and “last month.”

Click any tab’s thumbnail to re-open it. Tabs you reopen will disappear from the list of tabs you’ve set aside. Click “Restore tabs” to restore all the tabs for that time period. Click the “X” to delete the tabs from a time period.

You can also click the “More” button (the ellipsis) to add a group of tabs to your favorites or to share those tabs with whatever apps or services you’ve set up for sharing.

It’s a pretty simple tab management system and there are some really basic things missing. You can’t search tabs you’ve set aside. You can only browse tabs by the general times you set them aside. The options for working with individual tabs instead of groups are limited. But if you really just need to get some tabs out of the way for a while so you can focus on particular task, this new feature works well enough.

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