If you’re looking for a free and easy to use desktop application for managing online audio & video content, it’s worth checking out the newest version of Miro. The last time we looked at the Open Source video player and podcast client was just under a year ago and they have since improved it a lot.

Using Miro 2.5

When installing you can choose Easy or Custom  installation where the biggest difference is being able to select which files to associate with Miro with a custom install.

2 associate files

After installation is complete you get a First Time Setup Wizard where you setup how it will work with video downloads and content.

3 setup

4 organize vid files

If you have used previous versions the first thing you will notice is a more slick user interface that loads a lot faster.

The video player has a nice refined look and includes a pop-in or out options when watching.

It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Torrents, Music Blogs, and other video download sites.  To download content from YouTube you first need to create a link on the sidebar by clicking Sidebar and New Site.

Type in the URL for YouTube and click OK.

Now that it is included in the sidebar when you watch videos on YouTube there will be a Download this video button at the top of the browser.

This newest version of Miro is much faster, supports more ways to download content, and a new audio podcast category.

While it is not perfect yet…version 2.5 is definitely a great improvement over the previous versions and worth checking out.  Miro is a cross platform app that will work on Windows, OS X, Ubuntu and other distributions of Linux.

Download Miro for Windows, Mac, or Linux